At 406 Market we help Montana producers, growers, food and beverage manufacturers connect to their community through a system of distributors and buyers.

Our Beginning

The idea of having a Montana Market to promote and develop a community of Montana producers and manufacturers came to us while spending the last three years building and developing a local food distribution company. While the focus was on selling local products there is a large need to share the story of local producers. There is a vast amount of producers across our great state and much of what they produce is exported to larger markets outside of Montana. We decided something should be done to help grow our local food market. 

We strive to make a stronger connection between the local food producers and the community. To tell their story and to build a bigger foundation of local buyers willing to support their local and regional communities. To provide a system of networks supporting the continued expansion of distribution networks. 


Our Mission

Our Mission at 406 Market is to provide a complete range of services from helping with delivery in existing markets, or expanding into new areas of Montana and beyond. To developing new private label brands and offering validation of product source. Helping with added value programs. Facilitate connections to those who need to those who have to sell.  We will work with any 100% locally grown, made, sourced and manufactured producers to promote and secure new markets, build a stronger market presence and eventually help develop online e-commerce for all producers to utilize. 



number of farms and ranches in Montana

$3.8 Million

Organic Montana Beef sold in 2015


Head of Cattle from Beaverhead Cattle - Largest Cattle Inventory 2016

Featured Product/Vendor

Image Provided by Montana Wagyu - Beef For the Diserning Cowboy

Image Provided by Montana Wagyu - Beef For the Diserning Cowboy


Montana Wagyu Cattle Company

Montana Wagyu Cattle Company is a family owned ranch in Gallatin County that raises Wagyu Beef that grades ABOVE prime consistently. They raise their beef from start to finished cut all here locally in Montana. They are not some marketing outfit with an office downtown Bozeman, they raise cattle. That means having to deal with feeding, calving, fencing, fixing equipment, each and every day, and the love and care they put into the business shows in the high quality of their product. 

They do retail direct from their website -->Click Here and they do wholesale throughout Montana either directly or through various other local distributors. You will not find them in Sysco or FSA> Montana Wagyu is local and supports local businesses. 

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