Bozeman Montana - Gallatin Valley 

Bozeman Montana is home to a great number of ranchers, farmers, and producers. one of the most scenic valleys in the state with a large amount of small local farmers with a rich culinary atmosphere. With several ski resorts within an hour and many more other epic outdoor adventures at their doorstep, the bozeman and gallatin valley community is rich and ever growing. 


Featured Growers/Farmers 

Amaltheia Organic Dairy -  VISIT US!

Amaltheia Organic Dairy is a sustainable, organic company that makes organic goat cheeses.  We have been making cheese for 12 years and have three American Cheese Society Competition Award-Winning Cheeses.  We utilize all of our by-products and now have organic whey-fed pork to sell - as well as organic vegetables and composted manure.

Gallatin Valley Botanical - VISIT US!


Strike Farms - VISIT US!