Harvest News September 10-15

Harvest Update and Regional News


Swanky Roots Farms in Billings MT

I am so excited to announce that Montana now has a Hydroponics Farm!!! I love hydroponics and you should too because now you can get local Montana grown lettuce heads year round! One of many new products to the 406 Market group, we will now offer the following items currently available:  

  • Leafy Lettuce 12ct $28 24ct $57

  • Butter Lettuce 12ct $30 24ct $59

  • Kale - Trimmed $2.50/#

  • Parsley - $7.30 (1#=8ct)

  • Microgreens - Varies on variety but about $24.50/#

  • Arugula $7.30/#


Paradise Springs Farm - Teton Valley Idaho

This years Cornucopia Institute  topped ranked Organic Dairy Farm is Paradise Springs Farm! Now being offered from 406 Market, we pick up each Thursday at 9am from the farm directly and bring it to you! Currently available to Montana are the cheeses, made from Brown Swiss cows, raised in a certified Biodiverse Organic pasture and treated like princesses. Their irrigation comes straight from a mountain spring and is pure enough to drink from directly.   **Samples available please ask! John@406Market.com 

  • Mahogany Ridge Raw Organic-Alps Style

    This cheese is only made under the perfect conditions once a year. Brown Swiss cows nibble herbs, wildflowers and native grasses on a ridge line covered in a Mountain Mahogany forest above the canyon. Mahogany Ridge is an old world approach to Swiss made only for a few months a year to capture the special flavors of spring blooms. This cheese is cellar aged six months. $30/# 

  • Teton White Cheddar Raw Organic Style

    Our cheddar style cheese produces a cascade of happiness for your palette. Made from fresh milk when cows graze our mountain pastures and when they enjoy our certified Biodynamic, homegrown herbal hay. Cellar aged over a year. $25/#

  • Blue Bird Sky Raw Organic Style

    Bluebird days and Bluebird Sky cheese require the same thing: perfect conditions. Paradise Springs Farm’s blue is not inoculated during the wheel’s aging process. Instead, cheese curds are kept from annealing fully, enclosing just enough mountain air to encourage a naturally forming penicillium seen in the blue veins of the cheese. Only the purest milk can be used for making a great blue like this–as pure as a powder day with Bluebird Sky conditions. $25/#

Other Upcoming News 

Montana Food Show October 1st

Brick Breeden Fieldhouse 

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Source: http://www.swankyroots.com/