Market News January 2019

Vertical Harvest - Jackson Hole WY

Vertical Harvest is now selling microgreens and leafy greens for restaurants and grocers in Montana with delivery being done by 406 Market! Now this massive vertical greenhouse will begin to expand its proven hydroponic growing methods and bring amazing delicious living micros to restaurants in South West Montana. From seed on tip chives, and cilantro to red veined sorrel to Wasabi Mustard, they have a micro that is sure to enhance and brighten any dish.

Here is the current product list - CLICK HERE


In stock, Montana Treasure State Honey! Available in 7.5# bucket as pictured here or in the larger full Gallon Bucket! Currently available and once you taste a true raw Montana honey, you know why it took home the gold medal in granulated honey in the year 2017 at Apimondia World Congress.



Thats right we took the best Montana Wagyu Beef and blended it with Montana Bison, to make the first and only know available Montana Bison Wagyu Burger! Done so to an approximate 80/20 blend of meat/fat ratio this new product will be “The Best Burger”.

  • Bison Wagyu Burger - Bulk 5# $6.75/#

  • Premium Wagyu Blend Burger - Bulk 5# $3.99/# - A blend of Wagyu and Montana Black Angus Beef

  • Wagyu Burger - 5# $7.25/#

  • Montana Black Angus - Montana Ranch Burger 5# - $3.45/#

Montana Bausch Potatoes

What to follow all that burger with, what else but Montana Potatoes from Bausch Farms! They our the local go to for fries, hashbrowns, Yukons, or Bakers! Freshly processed to order, you get the best Burbank fries, never frozen, always fresh!

  • 30lb 3/8”x1/4” French Fries (Traditional Cut) - $18

  • 30lb 1/4” Krispy French Fries - $18

  • 30lb (2/15#) BFF 3/8’ x 3/8” Fries - $19

  • 40lb Hashbrowns Coarse or Fine Cut - $24

  • 40lb Diced Cooked - $26

  • 40lb Sliced Cooked - $26

  • 50 Count Baker $15

  • 70-80 Count Baker $13

  • 90 Count Baker $10

  • 100 Count Baker $9

  • 50lb Oversized Potato $9

  • 50lb Oversize Red Potato $15

  • 50lb Red A Potato $22

  • 50lb Yukons $20