Strike Farms 4-12-2017


  • Orange, Number Twos,  25# $21.25/case *Can work with pricing!*


  • Mizuna, bulk $7.00/pound
  • Baby Arugula, 5oz labeled bags, 18ct $45.00/case 
  • Baby Kale, 5oz labeled bags, 18ct $45.00/case
    • *Half cases available!* Please email to add these to your order


  • Radish Mix, 8oz bag, $16.00/bag
  • Radish Mix, 1.75 oz labeled clamshell, 18 ct or 36 ct $51.30 or $102.60/case (with UPC label)
  • *For Half Cases (18ct) - Please email or call to add to your order*