Services Overview

Thank you for choosing 406 Market in helping you expand your business.  


Delivery Services 

we offer delivery around the state of montana designed to meet your needs. also offering sourcing of products, from custom cutting of beef (2" thick Wagyu Porterhouses) to custom made products, or just making that emergency costco run. we can provide amazing products through DIVERSE and established resources.  ask today about more concierge services.

Photo by  85Fifteen  on  Unsplash

Photo by 85Fifteen on Unsplash


Our consultations are the beginning of a new and lasting relationship. We are offering these consultations at no charge to all clients at this time. our focus is building new and lasting  relationships.


Branding & Packaging

 406 Market will help you successfully bring a new product(s) or a concept into the market place. We know the right tools for the job and the best vendors who know how to implement new ideas and products into new revenues. We have worked through the pain points and have developed an extensive checklist for building a strong launch.  Whether it be a new food product or a full business concept we can assist you, from ingredient sourcing to design, planning and equipment purchase for a new, or existing, concept we can help. also available to you is trade show promotion B2b or b2c 


Marketing & Distribution

 we work with a network of buyers and distributors throughout montana able to place your product into new markets and expand in existing markets. we can DEVELOP new website, establish seo, define branding and logo, E-COMMERCe  

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Business Services 

do you find yourself working on projects not related to your passions? payroll, employee guidelines, hiring, guidelines and procedures, work comp, spreadsheets, filing systems, Information Technology, email, purchasing. all of these take TREMENDOUS amounts of your most PRECIOUS resource, time. We will come assess the area in which you are trying to overcome and bring a solution to you. we work with a group of local independent experts in these specific areas that will help you grow your business and allow you to work on what your passion is.    



Do you need to replace that stove? has your existing equipment not kept up with your business demands? do you just need to get a price quote to plan for future expansion? 406market is here, we can source new ff&e for your next project! vertical choppers, REFRIGERATION, wood fired grills, hood systems, full concept designs we can help!