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John Thompson


John pictured here next to his best friend Doc, has been in the Food and Beverage industry for the since 1995. Having attended the Washington State University F&B program and later going to Western Culinary Institute in Portland Oregon to become a Chef.  He has worked in all positions and is very passionate about where your food comes from. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest he grew up fishing and hunting and working summers on ranches and farms. As his grandparents were ranchers and farmers, he has always been connected to the land which led to his passion for food. 

In 1998 he moved to Montana, having grown tired of the commuting and city life of Portland Oregon, he found himself  as a personal chef for a private ranch 20 miles from Philipsburg Montana, it was here he found his new home, Montana. Here he not only cooked fine cuisines but also reconnected with the land. He learned from the ranch manager about sustainable ranching techniques, helped build water conservation, invasive plant management and most importantly he gained a great perspective of Montana life and loved all of it. 

After a few years on the ranch he went on to work at the exclusive and private Ski and Golf resort Yellowstone Club in Big Sky Montana, again moving to another small town. This time he went on to work and help develop many of the systems and procedures still functioning there today, in both the food and beverage operations and the overall resorts operations. He worked closely with both the executive management team and the membership to continually improve the resorts operations. From recycling programs and better food waste systems to food purchasing and local vendor relationships. helping build/remodel full restaurant designs he was contributive in many of the now existing structures and operations. 

After a decade of service to Yellowstone Club he took an opportunity to help develop a local food distribution company that had just began to take shape. Having moved to Bozeman by now he like the idea of not having to commute to the resort and be able to regain a better connection to the surrounding community again. Over the next three years as the general manager at Summit Distribution he grew the business successfully contributing to the growth of the local food commerce throughout the state. 

Now after working with more local growers he has taken on a new mission of helping the grow the montana local food movement by establishing 406 market. His goal now is to help facilitate more montana local producers and grow the local food movement as it is the very foundation of each of our communities. We should not be withholden to major distribution channels and large corporate food systems but to our neighbors and the land, to our own environment.